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Germ of a book - The Stylish Musings of Stevie Z [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Stevie Z

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Germ of a book [Aug. 18th, 2010|11:44 pm]
Stevie Z
Not that I've finished any of my other books, but..... got the idea for a new one. Something pithy like "The OCD Guide to Life". The inspiration was riding home from work on the bus and looking at this huge apartment building- maybe 35 or 40 stories, and many of the units sport a remarkable view of the Manhattan skyline. However, looking down, the lower levels.... not so much. Their view is blocked by the condos across the street and rather than looking out their window and seeing NYC, they see.... the service lot with the dumpsters. Where the people on the upper floors are probably paying between 2000 and 5000/month and basking in the status of having a NYC view, the poor schmucks on the lower floors..... not so much. And I can just imagine the crazies who live there and my mind made that click.

Every night, George had to take sedatives before climbing into bed. But even heavily drugged, he still couldn't stop thinking "What if tonight is THE night? He knew that directly above his bedroom were 40 other bedrooms and in the entire building, there were almost 1000 total. Some nights he could feel his bed swaying when the couple upstairs were fucking. What would happen if a certain percentage of the other occupants were fucking at the same time and somehow, the rhythms of all this fucking synched up? Would the resultant harmonics cause the structural steel and concrete to fail and the building collapse, with all 40 floors above him landing on him?

He tried to query the management company about the structural soundness of the building but never got a satisfactory answer. And the internet yielded 1,873,256 and counting variations of the term "if this van is a rocking then don't come a knocking" but nothing of value.

So I will see if this goes anywhere. Just little short snippets of different OCD weirdnesses. Let's see how this goes.