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On the tea party madness - The Stylish Musings of Stevie Z [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Stevie Z

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On the tea party madness [Apr. 16th, 2010|10:23 am]
Stevie Z
I've been finding these tea partiers a combination of humorous, aggravating, and more than a wee bit scary.

Yeah, the government needs to rope in its spending. I agree with that. But it's like that old adage- you need to spend money to make money, and nothing I've read seems to indicate that these folks recognize this.

The fact is that Bush and Obama had their hands forced into spending ridiculous sums of cash for the fiscal system bailout. Without that bailout, the economy would have collapsed far worse than it did. This spending needed to be further buttressed by Obama's stimulus package, which has served to stop the bleeding and get us on track for a recovery, which is slowly occuring.

Neocons and tea baggers are whinging that Obama's package isn't doing anything because like children, they have no concept of time, only of immediate gratification. It took 3 years under Reagan to turn the economy around and it should be noted that like with Obama's plan, Reagan used massive deficit spending, but unlike Obama's plan, Reagan's mainly benefitted the rich, while Obama's given tax cuts to 95% of all Americans.

And looking back even further, the Great Depression lasted about 5 years before it started to turn around but it took about 15 for the US economy (boosted by WWII) to return to the pre-GD level.

And I'm amused by the folks whinging about how Obama's defying the 'will of the people'. On a beautiful sunny day in Boston, they could barely scrape up a few thousand people, and the official count didn't differentiate between those there to support the tea party, those there to protest against them, and the usual few thousand tourists that wander the Common on any given bright sunny day that wanted to check out the spectacle- never mind taking into account the carpetbaggers.

And how about a plan? We've yet to see or hear any sort of alternate plan other than "no nuthin'" put forth by the tea partiers, unless you count Palin's "Drill, baby, drill", which would only serve to further line the pockets of Exxon/Mobil, a company with over $10 billion in profits that paid zero dollars in taxes.

Their only plan seems to be cut taxes even more for the wealthy- because fuck knows that did scads of good to prevent this economic meltdown during the Reign of the Prodigal Idiot Son- and oppose the very policies they supported when it wasn't an African-American democrat running the show.

This is what's laughable. The hypocrisy of the tea partiers is mind-boggling. We don't even get a Kerry-esque thoughtful "I was for it before I was against it' mea culpa along with a reasoned explanation of why he changed his mind, but instead, they want us to forget what they did in the past and their previous positions. I dunno- maybe they were drunk or too intent on maintaining wide stances in men's rooms in airports to remember what they said or did.

And please, oh sweet Jesus please, make up your fucking minds, people. Are we being taxed too much or not enough? Because you're like some cheap bar pick-up who's grabbing our cock and jamming it up their ass while telling you "no, you can't fuck me." Mixed messages, people. Sort your shit and call me in the morning please. I nearly pissed myself watching Bachmann (corrected) speak yesterday. I think she's trying to wrest "Idiot Twat of the Year" award away from Palin. George Orwell's word "doublespeak" kept leaping to mind. And I'm sure the Tea Baggers will ignore the 10 Repudiations to their batshit-crazy claims.

And Tea Baggers- your reputation as a bunch of unhinged clueless retards isn't being helped by holding an armed rally on the outskirts of our nation's capital on the anniversary of the terrorist bombing of Oklahoma City. Really it's not. Where's the one voice of reason saying "you know, on this particular day, maybe not such a good idea." Imagine if a left-leaning group decided to hold an anti-government rally on 9/11. Oh, the orgy of right-wingers would be spectacular- the only question would be who gets sloppy seconds on Hannity- Rush or Beck? But where'e the outrage over celebrating this black day in American history where a couple hundred innocent Americans died at the hands of a terrorist? The silence from the Fruitbag Right is deafening.

Yet these are the people we're told are "real Americans". I guess it's ok to kill Americans if the killer isn't a filthy Muslim and we should celebrate the day.

Wow. Boggles the fucking mind. Assholes.

Oh, and this cracked me up- there are a few groups trying to put together a new "contract with America" and one of them has a 17 page document completely devoid of charts with numbers. Talk about 'laboring mightily and bringing forth a dead mouse'. But that's the neocon movement for you. Just say no to everything, even your old ideas, and hope that suffices. Yup, brilliant fucking plan there.