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Update - The Stylish Musings of Stevie Z [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Stevie Z

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Update [Jan. 16th, 2010|01:07 pm]
Stevie Z
Yes, still alive. Married life is.... wow. The integration process for Lina and Alisa has been rough. Ever been plunked down in a room full of people all talking and you can only understand a small part of what is being said? But it's getting better for them. As a family, we're learning to communicate, routines being set down as best they can in a family with a crazy schedule like ours.

Right now, Lina is preparing to hit the road for 8 weeks with the Moscow Circus and then Barnynya Ensemble. She'll be home March 8th or so. Friday Alisa and I hit the road with Lyn for PA, Ft Lauderdale, and then the Lincoln Center in NYC.

Progress is being made. Enough work has popped up to keep us going and the bank account in good enough condition that bills are being paid and there's enough food. We're slowly building things and this is good. Long-term, it's looking more and more like a move to the NYC area is in the cards. It's where Lina can find plenty of work. The trick is for me to find work. I suck at networking, which seems to be 80% of finding a new job. But I will try to fix that.

Anyways, off to work. A show with Lyn today in Melrose at the Melrose City Auditorium.