My book

Hello people.  After 10+ years of working on it, my book "American Loser" is now for sale.

AL has its genesis here on LJ.  I would sit around late at night, drunk or high or both, and let my brain roam and write some pretty crazy stuff, real "stream of consciousness."  At some point, I realized there was a common thread that could tie some of them together.  Coupled with my friends telling me that I should write a book some day, I decided why the hell not.  And thus began the process.

Over the course of several years, I slowly worked on the book.  Life was keeping me busy.  Then last year my personal life went to shit and long story short, I ended up at the House of Yes.   It's an artist collective in Brooklyn.  There's surrounded by circus performers, directors, photographers, musicians, and other mad artistic types, I sweated out the summer in my non-air conditioned room on the 3rd floor of the warehouse, endured all-night raves a few nights a week downstairs, and cracked down on AL.

Now it is done.

It's available in ebook format only at this time.  When funds become available, I will put it out in print. 

Godot continued

So Godot drops me a line, asking me to drill a hole in the case of the machines so we can attach a clamp. So not only did we overpay for a suck machine that we can't control other than on/off, it didn't even come equipped to hang.

I wish I was making this shit up. I really really do. Yet he's considered a tech god around here. Oh my aching brain.

The LULz continue

Oh Godot, the breadth of your fucking idiocy is truly boggling. After convincing the Boss that you know more than me about snow machines and can hook us up with far better machines that are cheaper than the ones I specced, the machines arrived and guess what- they're not even DMX-controlled. Bwahahahahaha. Whoops. Guess we overlooked that little detail, eh?

And gosh, opening up the machine in the hope of finding a DMX input there..... brilliant. You just fucking voided the warranty and probably our ability to return the machines, fucktard.

Niet goed, as the Dutch would say. Or очень очень плохой in Russian. Or muy malo in Spanish.

I breathlessly await your fix for this.

Happy happy joy joy

Sitting here at home at ChezKez NJ after a very nice Thanksgiving back home in NH.

It took some doing to pull off Thanksgiving. I had work Friday- it was a half day for everyone. I managed to get the half day off. First hurdle overcome. Then Lina had work Wednesday night in the East Village. She and Misha do a residency at a cafe there and there was no way to get out of it. So Wednesday I came home from work and tried to grab some sleep, and then packed up the car with Alisa and we headed into Manhattan. We got to the cafe, caught the tail end of Lina's set, and then grabbed a bite to eat and hit the road for NH at 12:30am.

We could have left Thursday morning. I also could have inflicted several hundred paper cuts on my arms and then plunge them into a 55 gallon drum of salt-laced lemon juice, the equivalent of driving out of NY/NJ on Thanksgiving Day. Not so much. We drove through the night, not hitting any traffic at all and arriving at my mother's at 5:15am.

It was nice to hunker down for a few days. Even the craziness of scrambling to finish putting together the Thanksgiving meal because the turkey was done 2 hours ahead of schedule (maybe my mother's oven temp is off- dunno) didn't take away from the holiday. My sister and her family arrived and we had a nice meal, followed by a much-needed nap. Friday Lina, Alisa, and I headed out to do some shopping- not at 5am. We still scored some sweet deals though, and then back home in time for a visit from Bill. Good to get caught up with him.

After, while Lina and Alisa had some mother/daughter bonding time watching videos, my mom and I hung out and talked. Got a good night's sleep, rolling out of bed around 11:30 this morning. Did a bit more work around my mom's house, got her set up on Skype, and put together her new TV stand before me and the fam got in the car and headed out.

Quiet ride back home. Hit a couple of heavy snow flurries near Keene NH, but that was about it. Not much traffic to speak of, not even at the Tappan Zee. Coming back tomorrow wasn't an option because Lina has to leave for a gig at 9:30, but even if that weren't the case, we still would have come back tomorrow for the same reason we fled left on Wednesday. The horror of driving Sunday would have been too much.

So now Lina's asleep. She drove half the trip and needs her rest, and I'm winding down.

Damn civilized to have a 4 day weekend and tomorrow, a few things to do- laundry, help Alisa with homework, and unpack- but all in all, a nice relaxing day before it's back to the grind at the club.

And this whole marriage/family thing is really feeling comfortable now. Alisa and I understand each other a bit more now and she's understanding her stepdad is a bit of a crazy dork.

Well, time to wrap this up, grab a shower, and hit the hay.
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The day of wreckoning (yes, sic) grows near

So we get closer to election day and we will see which way the country turns. It's interesting to watch the GOPers and Tea Baggers whinging about deadlock and how Obama can't do anything when these fuckers block everything he tries to do.

There's a helluva lot of difference between principled opposition and acting like a child and sticking your fingers in your ears and screaming 'no no no no no". It's been particularly amusing watching the GOP doing this on things they claim they're for, like tax breaks for small businesses. The only thing they're for is giving the rick tax breaks, once gain presenting the amusing spectacle of them bending over backwards to lick their own assholes by way of resolving their hawkishness on the deficit while at the same time adding over $1 trillion to it.

And if they overturn the provisions of Obama-care, they fucking well better have something in its place, rather than tired hackneyed old positions like limiting malpractice suits because that's not going to do shit for anyone who's sick or has a sick kid and has to choose between financial destruction or their health/the health of their family.

But the GOP says this is the American way. If you get sick, fuck you.

It's one thing if the GOP or the Tea Baggers offered.... some kind of solid proposals, rather than mushy feel-good catch-phrases. And the candidates- my gawd. Where did they dig up the O'Donnell character? Anyone who votes for such a clueless fucktard who doesn't even know the First Amendment should be ashamed of themselves. Could you imagine if this dizzy cunt got elected?

The fact that such a thing is even remotely possible should scare the piss out of us. Yeah, the economy is still a huge goddamn mess, but it took WWII to pull us out of the last depression- we're talking between 10 and 15 years and the destruction of all our economic competitors. Yet Obama's getting slammed for not pulling us out of this mess in under 2 years? Goddamn- where did people learn their history to expect the economy to recover from such a huge meltdown in 2 years- especially when the GOP has continued to block and obstruct?

At least Obama stopped the bleeding and things are slowly improving. But what does the GOP and Tea Party want to do? They want to deregulate the very industries that caused this mess. Apparently, the ass-fucking they gave the economy and all of us before wasn't sufficient for the gimps and shitheads of the GOP. They want the job finished and under their weepy "we love America"-isms, they instead want to commit economic terrorism against the country they profess to love.

Stop the bullshit. These fuckers are profiteers, willing to suck the dick of Big Finance and Big Industry and fuck America and fuck each and every one of us. We're expendable. All of these 'populists' will sell us all down the river as soon as they get their lips on the sugar tit.

The Death of 'Old Prostitute'.

Today we sold our old Camry. About 6 weeks ago we bought a nice used Honda, so we no longer needed the Camry. I took a look on Craigslist and found a junkyard down in Jersey City that offered us a reasonable sum for it.

It served me/us well. It was the replacement car for the Stevemobile, which was destroyed in that really bad accident. Unlike the SM, the Camry had no flash, no style. Very utilitarian vehicle that got me from point A to point B and never ever stranded me. The only problem was when the distributor cap got cracked and it would take forever to start when the weather was wet. But it was breaking down- the suspension was shot and it developed a hole in the gas tank so we couldn't put more than 1/2 a tank.

And the car certainly had some battle scars. The front right quarter panel was banged up, a remnant of a hit-and-run back in Somerville. Someone sideswiped it one night and luckily, the damage was only cosmetic and with a $500 deductible, wasn't worth repairing. And the grill was gone from when Sharon was babysitting the car while I was on tour and she skidded on some ice.

Yeah, it was a utilititarian old warhorse which Lina dubbed "старая проститутка"- old prostitute. Old, not pretty to look at, but gets you where you need to be time and time again. Yeah, she's a funny woman. And it was. To the end, I could take it on the highway and cruise along at 75 and the engine was still strong and didn't burn oil. Not bad for a car with 217,000 miles.

Now it's time to move on. As Lina said, "don't worry, some other man will like Old Prostitute" and as we drove from the junkyard, we looked back and there was a man already climbing into it, checking it out, and we both laughed.

Пока старая проститутка.


Got a facebook message from this guy Kevin. He friended me through some common friends who are stagehands up in MA. Kevin's a stagehand here in NJ and belongs to the union. Well, it seems that the union's a bit shorthanded these days and in need of bodies. They've got a call Saturday morning at 5am and they might use me. I know it's a 3pm show, so I might be looking at 8 hours on the in, and probably a 4 on the out. I'm guessing the rate is somewhere in the $25/hr range, so a $300 day less taxes- not too shabby. Plus I'd have my foot in the door for the union. Sweet!

And a funny note- Lina saw her first Pink Panther movie- the one with Dreyfus and the death ray. She laughed her ass off. Very cute.

Germ of a book

Not that I've finished any of my other books, but..... got the idea for a new one. Something pithy like "The OCD Guide to Life". The inspiration was riding home from work on the bus and looking at this huge apartment building- maybe 35 or 40 stories, and many of the units sport a remarkable view of the Manhattan skyline. However, looking down, the lower levels.... not so much. Their view is blocked by the condos across the street and rather than looking out their window and seeing NYC, they see.... the service lot with the dumpsters. Where the people on the upper floors are probably paying between 2000 and 5000/month and basking in the status of having a NYC view, the poor schmucks on the lower floors..... not so much. And I can just imagine the crazies who live there and my mind made that click.

Every night, George had to take sedatives before climbing into bed. But even heavily drugged, he still couldn't stop thinking "What if tonight is THE night? He knew that directly above his bedroom were 40 other bedrooms and in the entire building, there were almost 1000 total. Some nights he could feel his bed swaying when the couple upstairs were fucking. What would happen if a certain percentage of the other occupants were fucking at the same time and somehow, the rhythms of all this fucking synched up? Would the resultant harmonics cause the structural steel and concrete to fail and the building collapse, with all 40 floors above him landing on him?

He tried to query the management company about the structural soundness of the building but never got a satisfactory answer. And the internet yielded 1,873,256 and counting variations of the term "if this van is a rocking then don't come a knocking" but nothing of value.

So I will see if this goes anywhere. Just little short snippets of different OCD weirdnesses. Let's see how this goes.

lazy bitch

Wow. I had to be over at 4 Walls Lighting this morning to meet with their head tech guru to get trained in how to properly care for the leased VariLite rig at the club. Fascinating stuff- learned how to tear apart the light and clean the lenses and the color wheels. Interesting in also seeing how moving lights are dimmed- it's done with a wheel that has varying degrees of opacity from clear to totally blocked. These things take a helluva lot of abuse, being right next to a 700 watt discharge lamp.

The training took about 3 hours, and then I picked up some needed goodies and our hazers, which were repaired, and made my way back to the city. Got to the club, dropped all the gear off, and then had to bring the car back to NJ. Well, the trip back to NJ was not so smooth. It took about 75 minutes. I got back about 3:15. By the time I caught the bus back to NY and got to the club, it would have been 4:30. And I really didn't have much to do. So I called the club and was given the ok to take the rest of the day off.

Score! Took a nice nap and now I can get caught up on a bunch of stuff and even have a meal with my family.

Life is good.