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Update [Nov. 9th, 2009|12:11 am]
Stevie Z
Dear LJ friends,

Well, the marriage/family thing is working out quite nicely, albeit with a few bumps. Tonight we had to lay the smackdown down on Alisa. The other night Lina wanted Alisa to go to the Y to swim with her, but Alisa wanted to sit at home and watch movies on the internet. Lina decided that we should take the laptops with us and Alisa would just have to sit at home.

I didn't necessarily agree with this, but to present a united front, I stood with the decision and the computers came with us. I thought this ended the matter.

I was wrong.

Tonight I went to print something and the print monitor told me all the ink catridges were empty. Which was partially correct. All the ink catridges were gone- taken out of the printer. Lina confronted Alisa and she admitted to taking out the catridges because she was angry about the laptop thing the other night, and gave back the catridges.

I was less than thrilled about this, but held my tongue and was willing to let the matter end at that. But then when we went to print out the documents we needed, the ink jets were clogged with dried ink because of the missing catridges and it took repeated cleanings- using about $10 of ink in the process- before the printer sorta behaved.

So the law was laid down. Tomorrow, no internet/computer for Alisa. And double whammy for her, tomorrow morning she gets her physical for school and will begin either Tuesday or Thursday. (Wednesday's a holiday/no school).

I'm not happy about this but did not yell- just explained through Lina and with my broken Russian that she caused a problem by her action and there are then consequences.

We will not punish her arbitrarily and for any punishment, we will explain to her why she is being punished and what the punishment will be. This is the un-fun part of being a parent, but sometimes must be done.
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Blech [Oct. 28th, 2009|09:58 pm]
Stevie Z
Sitting here in our hotel room on Staten Island. Tomorrow we finish our 4 days here with 2 more morning shows and then we pack up and hit the road home. I'll probably be home about 10pm, and then must leave sometime around noon to drive back to Lyn's to head to Tiffin Ohio for a 2pm load-in for Saturday. It's a split in- we do half Saturday and then finish Sunday morning, 2pm show, strike the show, and then we start driving immediately.

This schedule is going to be brutal. And we will have the other tech Jeff with us. On the one hand, it will be good- he can help with the work. But on the other hand, this means no stretching out on the back seat of the truck. Oh well.

And today, something really sucky happened. When we got to the theater, I did what I usually do- take my wallet out and put it in my backpack and then put my show tools in my pocket. We were delayed getting into the actual theater so my backpack sat in the hallway. When I had the chance after things were opened up, I put my backpack in the theater.

After the shows, we went to get lunch and when I opened up my wallet, there was only $6 there out of the $130 or so that was there when I went into the theater. Now, either I totally spaced and dropped $125 somewhere- doubtful. The only place I took my wallet out was at Dunkies to buy my morning coffee and Marc was right there. So that only leaves the ugly possibility that someone stole the money from me.

Now, there's lots of people wandering around- it's a college. Still..... I'm kicking myself for leaving my bag out even for a little bit of time, but I thought it was safe. And I'm puzzled that someone wouldn't take the entire wallet or all the money in it. It makes no sense.

But no matter, I'm out all that money and that blows.

Right now I'm tired, pissed, and missing Lina. I just want to be home with her. Running around on the road isn't as much fun as it used to be. I want to be home doing the husband/family thing.

But only a few more days and this stretch of madness will be over. Going back to September 2007, I have been going balls-out with everything with no time to grab a proper breather. Now there is light at the end of the tunnel and I am really looking forward to it, and more importantly, having Lina to share it with me. And soon we will start making the rounds.

Now, time to chill out and then get some sleep.
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Update [Oct. 22nd, 2009|10:15 pm]
Stevie Z
Still alive. Lina and Alisa are enjoying being here, with a few minor glitches. Lina's concerts went well in NJ and Atlanta and she will get a lot of work out of those showcases. The trip was exhausting- crazy hours, partying with Russians, and on Tuesday/Wednesday, the schedule went like this-

up at 8:30am, breakfast, in to the theater at 10am, finish setting up the show, train the new guy, 7:30 show, load-out, back to hotel at 12:15am, wind down from show/dinner and pack for trip home, asleep at 1:15am, wake up at 3:30am, meet at 4am, drive (yes, I drove) rental car w/Lyn, Jeff, Lina, and Alisa from Valdosta to Jacksonville airport, arrive at 6:15, 7:30am flight w/changeover, maybe 90 minutes of sleep total on both flights, land in Boston @ noon, back to apartment 1:15pm, drop wife/daughter/bags, change shirt, quick lunch, get to US Ground @ 2pm for work, get called into boss's office, get let go from the dispatcher position, arrive home @ 3:30, total and utter collapse for 2 hours.

Tomorrow I leave for Knoxville TN, where I will meet Lyn/Marc/truck, and drive 4 hours to Richlands VA. Show on Saturday. Sunday drive to Staten Island. Load-in Monday. Student shows Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday. Load-out Thursday, done at 3:30pm. Drive home to New England. Arrive in Boston maybe 9pm. Friday 9am leave to go to Lyn's to meet truck, and begin drive to Ohio. Saturday 2pm load-in for 5 hours. Sunday finish load-in, 2pm show, load out, begin drive back east, arrive Monday late morning. Collapse.

That's the news, and now the weather.....
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update [Oct. 9th, 2009|10:32 am]
Stevie Z
Things are going ok. I think I will pull this off.

But something funny to share before I run off. I added the Russian channel to our cable and put it on and there's a music video playing with Russian booty hos shaking their things. Oh my.....

24 more hours I leave for NY/JFK. The place will not be done, but it will give us something to do.

Now, off to run errands, get the car fixed, dispatch from 12:30-5:45, drive to Rye NH for Lyn's show, home about 1:15am, up at 7am, final preps until 10:30am, and then off to NY.
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Pinging closetalker11 [Oct. 3rd, 2009|06:54 pm]
Stevie Z
Have a heart attack yet, darling?
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Collapse [Sep. 22nd, 2009|08:27 pm]
Stevie Z
I'm on the verge of a total physical collapse from everything, so prudence dictates putting my ass to bed now- getting a good 9-10 hours of sleep- and recharging the battery for the upcoming 6 week stretch.

Это хорошый план.
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Hooray [Sep. 16th, 2009|11:17 pm]
Stevie Z
It took about 3 hours, but I finally got the new wireless-N router set up and running. Many trials and tribulations were involved. But now there's a speedy wifi network for when Lina and Alisa get here, and I can add in a hard drive which we can all share for music/etc.

Meanwhile, the other setting up continues. Alisa's room is starting to take shape, as is the master bedroom. Hopefully by the middle of next week they'll be pretty much there. Some more furniture might be needed- not sure yet.

Time for sleep.
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Update [Sep. 14th, 2009|11:12 pm]
Stevie Z
Well, the time draws nearer for Lina and Alisa's arrival and I'm starting to feel the time crunch. So many things left to do, and a whole bunch of loose ends to tie up.

And once they arrive, well...... I pick them up 10/10.

Lina now has a booking agent of sorts, this guy Misha (a nickname for Mikhail) down in NY. He's also a musician too. He told Lina about a big concert in Atlanta on 10/17, and it so happens that Lina has a friend from her days at the Rimskii-Korsakoff Conservatory in St Petersburg who lives in Atlanta and belongs to the orchestra. He invited Lina to join him to go to Atlanta for the concert. He has a concert 10/15 in NJ and after the concert, is driving to Atlanta with a couple of his troupe. I talked to Lina and it would be difficult for Alisa to be left here with me, given her very limited English. So on 10/15, I'll be driving them to South Station, getting them hooked up with bus tickets, and putting them on the bus to NYC to meet up with Misha. She might play a song or two for either/both the concerts.

So they'd leave NJ after the concert 10/15, drive to Atlanta, rehearse 10/16, and have the concert 10/17. Meanwhile, back at the ranch..... I work until 5:30 on Friday 10/16. I have to meet Lyn in Providence either that evening or 10/17 to get the truck to start the drive to Valdosta GA. I will be arriving down in Atlanta either 10/17 late or 10/18, joining Lina and Alisa. They'll then come with me to Valdosta and after the shows, on 10/21, we'll catch a flight from Jacksonville to Boston.

10 days later, we'll be getting in the car to go to Tiffin OH for a show on Halloween weekend.

In between, I'll be flying back to Knoxville TN, riding up to Richlands VA, doing a show, and then going to Staten Island for 1 day of setting up and training the new guy, and then flying home.

Damn, I'm tired just typing.

So needless to say, Lina and Alisa are going to be hitting the ground running here. And to answer the question, we'll start Alisa in school sometime the first or second week of November.
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Just for the record [Sep. 13th, 2009|11:00 pm]
Stevie Z
I am enjoying the hell out of the MTV video music awards. Some damn good performances, a bit of drama, some chaos, and apparently, this is the Year of the Cameltoe, judging from a number of the outfits. Oh my.... And Taylor Swift- damn, she is hot, not to mention talented. I really felt sorry for her when Kanye West was a total douchbag and stole that girl's moment in the spotlight. What a fuckhead.

But all in all, the show's great and it's my annual re-connect with pop culture. Hell, I even texted in a vote for the best new artist- Lady GaGa. Great pipes on that girl and she's a bit of a freak. Now they just announced she won- WTF is she wearing? Crazy! Nice acceptance speech "for God and for the gays."
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Pee your pants hysterical [Sep. 13th, 2009|12:40 pm]
Stevie Z
Definitely not safe for work/small children/etc. This is why I'm posting the link, rather than embedding it, since some people have auto-start on video links.

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Also [Sep. 10th, 2009|11:46 pm]
Stevie Z
I saw Obama's speech on rerun on CSpan. First, the one line that leapt out at me was this- "No one should go broke because they are sick." Damn straight- not so long as we're giving billions in corporate welfare to companies that collapsed out of their own greed.

Second, regarding Congressman Joe Wilson, who yelled out "You're a liar" to Obama. I'm pretty disappointed in what happened next. Obama ignored him and Wilson later played the part of the remorseful child, issuing an apology.

This showed precisely what is wrong with our political system. Obama should have stopped his speech and invited Wilson to the microphone to expound upon his claim and then Obama should have responded. And Wilson lacked the balls of his conviction. You think the President is a liar enough to blurt it out in the middle of an address to Congress? Then stick to your guns, lay out the reasons for your belief, and let the chips fall where they may.

Instead, we got this spineless bullshit and neocons are allowed to live in their little fantasy land. The GOP response was interesting as well, basically saying Obama wants to force everyone into a government-run health plan. Apparently, this wasn't so much a response to Obama having said repeatedly for the idiots in the audience that this is not what his plan does. So this wasn't a response so much as the same GOP dick-sucking of Hannity/Beck/Limbaugh to which we've grown accustomed because "response" usually indicates that one has listened to the other person.

None of this is surprising. The GOP has decided to declare war on Obama and, well, I've been saying this all along, the only hope for the future of the GOP is if the country totally collapses, because if Obama turns this around, no person with half a brain will ever vote Republican again. Which means they'll still garner 40% of the vote from the racists, gimps, and mouth-breathers in the country, but nowhere near enough to win an election.
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failure to gauge [Sep. 7th, 2009|10:43 pm]
Stevie Z
Not sure how to rate this day. I had all sorts of goals, but don't feel like I accomplished many of them, although I did find a hotel for me and my Dad to have a father/son getaway to NYC on 9/26, before Lina and Alisa arrive. I painted the coffee table for the living room, put up the hardware and put up the kitchen curtains (well, 2 of the sets- window 3 has the fan in it and window 4 has this funky heavy black lace material over it to let in light but still offer privacy. I did some cleaning, cleaned out the front of my car, and did some odd work on Alisa's room to start shaping it up. I also made tentative plans to get a full-sized refrigerator here.

But still.... I feel like I could use 2 or 3 straight days of just working on everything to get the place more whipped into shape. But I still have 33 days, although they will move very quickly. At this point, the final list of documents needed is being put together and those will need to be filled out and filed. A main shopping list is going together- most major things are accounted for, but I might need a bed frame for Alisa and a chair for the living room, and possibly a bean-bag chair as well for that side of the room where the ceiling sloped down. And a desk chair for Alisa.

Tomorrow's a big day- I will hear about "the plan" and if I will get the time off. If so.... excellent.

So I think everything is covered and it's time to get some sleep and then start the week, which won't be short because I have a show Saturday.

That's "all".
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I totally called it [Sep. 7th, 2009|04:00 pm]
Stevie Z
Longtime friends and readers of mine know that I do a fair amount of air travel and over the years, have groused about security and have openly stated that if Al Qaeda really had a sense of humor and a desire inflict widespread humiliation on air travelers, they would send someone with a bomb shoved up their ass. Not because they'd expect the mission to succeed, but rather, because they knew that from that point on, every single poor bastard wanting to board a plane would have to strip naked, bend over, spread 'em, and get a little 'glove love'.

Well, friends and readers, that day is now sure to be upon us sometime in the foreseeable future.
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Named [Sep. 7th, 2009|01:18 pm]
Stevie Z
The new apartment has a name- Chez KEZ. (Karokhina/Egorova/Zakszewski). It's catchy and alliterative. I like it and give it a 10.
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Joy is.... [Sep. 3rd, 2009|10:33 pm]
Stevie Z
Realizing that I had one of the dates wrong on my carefully-choreographed plan. Load-in is on 10/31, the show is 11/1, meaning if I drive to Ohio with Lina and Alisa, I will miss 11/2 . But then if I fly, I won't miss the days, but will miss being with the family.
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Wheeee [Sep. 2nd, 2009|09:42 pm]
Stevie Z
More logistical clusterfuckery behind the cutCollapse )
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Update [Aug. 30th, 2009|11:27 pm]
Stevie Z
It's been a while since I've really posted. Lots happening in terms of preparing for Lina and Alisa's arrival.

Today I moved the last of my stuff out of 99 School St and turned over the keys. It felt good to do so. It closed another chapter on my life and there are some good memories from that place. Now.... John, who's only been there a year, is the senior member of the household and already he's turning it into his own. A lot of cleaning was done to remove all the crap that's accumlated in the apartment the last 10+ years from the roommates going back to long before I moved in. John's excited and I'm excited for him.

Today was also spent in the frenzy of move-out day. A lot of free stuff was put out on craigslist and thanks to my shiny new phone, I was able to keep up with the ads and scored quite a bit of stuff. I got a pair of desks- one for Alisa and one to either replace my drafting table in the master bedroom or it will be kept out in the living room area. I got a computer that I will take a look at and see if maybe I can turn it into a media server- I might need some help with that. I picked up all sorts of small stuff too- little racks for the kitchen, a couple of trash cans for various rooms, things of that sort.

So now, with the exception of a full-sized refrigerator and maybe some chairs, the kitchen is now complete. For the living room, I could use another chair and perhaps a small lamp or two. For Alisa's room, I need to bring down the bed frame from my mom's house and need a good twin-sized box spring. I also need a desk chair for her, and then some other small things. I got a small TV for her room too.

The master bedroom- well, I need to do a bit more organizing to see what if anything we need to add.

Finally, some general stuff will be needed- bed linens/blankets/pillows and towels, for starters. All little things to go on the list.

Next up will be painting the coffee table from 99- nice glossy black enamel- and then finish up the living room. In conjunction, I'm organizing the master bedroom. After, it'll be time to tackle everything in Alisa's room- unpacking everything else, sorting through what's to be kept, what's to be sold, and what's to be trashed. I have all those Rolling Stone magazines that need to be catalogued for sale or for keep.

This sounds like a lot of work, but I have 40 days.

I'm really happy. This is fun. Soon my family will be here and we'll begin our lives together.

I've waited my entire life for this. And now, it's almost time.
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Rocking the fucking house [Aug. 28th, 2009|11:15 pm]
Stevie Z
So an urgent plea was put out to isolatory for help. You see, when I moved into the new apartment, I had purchased beer for the moving crew. Well, we did not consume all the beer that night and I was keeping the remaining beer in my fridge. I have a small fridge right now, so the loss of space was problematic. I needed help cleaning out the fridge and clearing room for food. And it turns out the beer that was taking up room was Rolling Rock, which is the beer of choice of Ian.

So last night the call was put out, to which Ian gallantly and selflessly responded. He came over, and for the last 3 hours, we worked on cleaning out the fridge.

In the process, much good chat was to be had. Raucous and bawdy at times, yes, but a lot of fun. Good music in the background, video of white trash behaving badly, and all sorts of tales exchanged.

All in all, a most excellent start to the weekend. Now, satisfy the munchies, hope to catch Lina in her AM, and then fall asleep to the sound of the maelstrom outside.
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Wanna see something funny? [Aug. 24th, 2009|08:41 pm]
Stevie Z
So check this out- this guy, who's a disabled US Marine, shows up at a Town Meeting and goes on a rant about Obama's health plan and how the Nazis took over the health care system metaphor blah blah blah blah. I kept waiting for him to pull out his VA health card and take the Zippo to it because Shirley, no red-blooded US Marine would ever accept any sort of support from Nazis or Socialists, now would they?

I guess that part was edited out. A pity because clearly, a man so educated and articulate cannot help but see that his own mouth is firmly latched onto the Sugar Dick of Uncle Sam, who is paying his health care, albeit as part of his service to this country. Perhaps it's being paid for out of the not-filthy-Nazi-lucre portion of the budget. Я не знаю-- I don't know.

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Sweat box [Aug. 17th, 2009|11:21 pm]
Stevie Z
Hmmm, my air conditioner is doing shit to cool down the room. Not good. Meanwhile, I am camped out here in the living room trying to sleep but failing miserably.

So... a little writing is in order. As I get more time, I'll be doing more of it. It's been too long.

Read more...Collapse )
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Kill me [Aug. 17th, 2009|09:20 pm]
Stevie Z
I was channel-surfing and I'm stuck on a movie with Ashton Kutcher. I really am sick and need to be put down now.
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"Lost in Translation" [Aug. 10th, 2009|10:46 pm]
Stevie Z
"Revere skank" is just Dutch for "pretty woman".

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Almost there [Aug. 1st, 2009|12:24 am]
Stevie Z
Move-in tonight went great. Many people showed up to help. Bill, Ian, Dawn, Andrea, Dana, Susan, Julie, Jen + her two friends who I've never met, Chris and Matt. The monsoon that threatened to turn the move into a sheer soggy hell went away long enough for us to load/unload the truck twice.

Now I'm back at the old place cleaning up a bit. I'll need to come back Sunday to grab a few more things and get my stuff out of the cellar, but for now... this is pretty much it.

I'm really grateful for everyone helping out.

I walked around the new place tonight and smiled. Soon Lina and Alisa will be here- and the cat too- and that will be our home. For now, my job is to shape things up and get ready for when they arrive.

It's time for me to do a quick facebook update and then shut things down and head home.

And thanks again, everyone.
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Almost there [Jul. 31st, 2009|12:23 am]
Stevie Z
Busy night packing. It's reached the point of throwing stuff into boxes "to be sorted later". I've reached that point.

It's weird to think this is my last night here in this apartment. I've been here since 2002 and many things have happened in those years. Now it's time to move on and I'm ready. I will get to the new place and start putting together a home for me and my family.

"Family". It feels .... nice. There's no trepidation about this. We've faced a lot of things already and worked together to fix them. Alice is ready to come here too. It won't always be easy, but I know Lina is a helluva partner and willing to pull her weight and then some.

Well, it's time to turn my bed back into a bed, rather than a staging area, and get some sleep.
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Writer's Block: Technology’s Impact on My Family [Jul. 30th, 2009|02:45 pm]
Stevie Z
[Tags|, , , , ]

How has technology impacted the quality time you spend with your family?

Since my wife is still in Russia for the 17 months and counting it's taken for the immigration process so she can come here, technology has been a godsend and the best way to stay in touch.
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No, seriously- I need help Friday [Jul. 29th, 2009|11:16 pm]
Stevie Z
Hi folks,

I'm in serious need of help with my move on this Friday. I have a lot of stuff and with the number of people I have right now, it's going to be rough. Unfortunately, I might be on the hook for rent at my current place for August, so there goes any money to hire some craigslist folks.

I want to make this as non-strenuous as possible. I only have a couple of heavy things and a few bulky things. I'll be one of the people on those.

90% of the stuff is in boxes/milkcrates/tubs and weigh no more than 25 pounds. We can work out of brigade system so nobody's running up and down 3 flights of stairs. Bring something up a flight of stairs, pass it off.

I'm going to pick up coke and beer and pizza for after. And I have alcohol too.

The move is entirely in Somerville, and with the one ways, a little over a mile between the 2 places.

I'm planning on starting at 7pm-ish. I'm guessing 3 hours total for the entire move if we have the bodies. If you can only do part, that's ok too. Again, any and all help would be very much appreciated.

Drop me an email if you can help.

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Writer's Block: Cute Meet [Jul. 28th, 2009|11:18 pm]
Stevie Z

Behind every great couple, there's often a great story. What's the best (nonfiction) how-we-met story you've heard?

Not that this is the best, but here's the story about me and my wife.

It was the age-old tale of man runs off to Alaska to work for a Russian circus, man meets smoking-hot balalaika player, man falls in love with said balalaika player, balalaika player also falls in love with him, and after the tour man goes to Russia to marry her in a palace on the Neva River.
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There's wrong and then there's Stewie Griffin [Jul. 28th, 2009|07:01 pm]
Stevie Z
From a 9/22/05 Rolling Stone interview with Stewie.

RS - What's your earliest childhood memory?
SG- A shrill nasal scream, a doctor slapping my ass, and then a glimpse of Lois' haggard face looking like she'd just been gang-banged by the Indianapolis Colts.

That damn near killed me.

Back to packing.
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Ups and downs [Jul. 28th, 2009|12:10 am]
Stevie Z
[Blasting from the speakers: |U2 - Magnificent]

Talk about a fucking roller coaster ride. I can't count all the twists and turns my life has taken.

Yet everything proceeds towards one thing and one thing only- being together with Lina.

And it will happen. Soon.

I had bought a small refrigerator today for the apartment and I humped it up the stairs. By the time I got to the top, I was sweating pretty heavily and was a bit winded. I opened the door and walked in and then it hit me....

Our apartment. Наша квартира. This is where Lina, Alisa, and I will begin our lives as a family together in earnest. And it made me smile.

There's going to be more struggles and obstacles. By no stretch is this a done deal. There are a million different things that can still go sideways, but if they do, we will fix them.

But all the work will be worth it.

Time to sleep.
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Help [Jul. 27th, 2009|10:45 pm]
Stevie Z
Ok folks. One last time, an appeal for help this Friday 7pm my place to help me move. Please, if you can, I'd appreciate it. I need a count. So far there's me + 3. I could use 2 more folks. There's only a few heavy things- my AC, a 27" TV, and probably a few things I'm forgetting. There's some bulky stuff- mattress/box spring, futon, 2 bureaus, armoire. The rest is boxes, tubs, trash bags, and I'm trying not to pack them too heavy.

I live on the 2nd floor, the new place is on the 3rd floor. It's a lot of up/down, I know, but as stairs go, the ones at the new place aren't so bad. They're decently wide and there's a huge landing on the 2nd floor. We could even fire brigade the boxes.

Please please please let me know by Wednesday at 8pm so I can plan accordingly.

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weird.... [Jul. 26th, 2009|11:15 pm]
Stevie Z
Packed up a bunch of stuff, including my Wall of Shame. Now I'm sitting here with a blank wall. I still have my family pics out leaning on the wall, but the rest of it looks.... sparse. Really really weird.
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Did my ears deceive me? [Jul. 26th, 2009|09:35 pm]
Stevie Z
Just saw a commercial on the Science Channel. They're collaborating with Popular Science to produce a series called "The Future of", which looks very cool.

But what got me was the music for the commercial. It sounded like Devo- or at least Mark Mothersbaugh. Couldn't find anything on the internet about it, or the commercial. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Btw, Patrick, very cool stuff on the Science Channel. All sorts of geeky brain-melty science goodness. You can probably find stuff on their website or on Hulu.com
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Errr whot? [Jul. 26th, 2009|08:58 pm]
Stevie Z
Ok, that story about the cops--- it's an old story. I looked at it again and the dateline is from May of 2008.

See, it popped up on my radar through Bostonist.com. I saw the feed that includes a sum-up of stories on the various "ists" from around the country, and this one was cited on one of them, which made me think this was fresh news.

Turns out it's not.

And the story gets even weirder, that the chief was supposedly in the neighborhood to see his mistress, with the accusation being lodged by the alleged mistress's former boyfriend who was also a cop who got drummed out of the force- and we're guessing the chief was involved, so there's a definite stink on the accusation.

Now, if only we find out Gates had Michael Jackson's body in the trunk of the limo, the circle of weirdness would be complete.
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Another episode of "White Cops/Black Man" [Jul. 26th, 2009|07:22 pm]
Stevie Z
Well..... just to add a little spice to the gumbo about the whole thing about Gates and the debate about racial profiling, we have this amusing little story out of NYC.

It seems a couple of white cops fucked up and fucked up badly. A couple of cops angling for the title of Cop of the Year saw a vehicle parked with what they believed to be a suspicious-looking black man sitting in it. So they decided to "investigate" this black man sitting in a vehicle, being all suspiciousy and, well, black......

This is where the story takes a turn.

See, it's one thing to randomly and without cause harass a civilian black dude. It's a whole other ball of wax when the black dude in question is not only sitting in an NYPD-issued unmarked vehicle, but also happens to be an NYPD bureau police chief.


But it gets better. Oh so much better. When the chief produced his NYPD shield, one of the cops said it was a fake.

Too funny. But of course, one of the cops is arguing the chief was being a douchbag, but that argument hasn't gotten him very far. Oh, and they also claimed that the reason they investigated was because they "saw a weapon in the vehicle". But the vehicle in question has tinted windows and they only could have seen into the vehicle AFTER the chief rolled the window down, which of course would be after the officers approached the vehicle.

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Moving information [Jul. 24th, 2009|12:01 pm]
Stevie Z
Ok folks,

Here's the deal. I'm going to bring some stuff over to the apartment this Sunday, meeting at my place 99 School St at 1:30pm My dad's coming to lend a hand and I'm not going to do much that day.

I've reserved a truck for Friday 7/31. The big push will be then. Meet at my place at 7pm. The new digs are only a mile or so away. I have a small truck- it might take 2 loads. I'm doing it Friday because as of 8/1, all Somerville goes resident permit parking only.

Let me know which times you're able to help. After the Friday move, I can order in pizza or something, although I might not have a fridge just then.

I'm outta here for a weekend of work. Back home at 2am Sunday.
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Well..... [Jul. 24th, 2009|12:38 am]
Stevie Z
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Seems that cops are pissed at Obama because he said cops acted "stupidly" in their treatment of Gates and unfairly cast aspersions upon all police.

Because of course, cops would never ever ever act stupidly and unprofessionally and do anything, like, oh, say, shove a taser up a guy's ass and tase him. That would just be silly.
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Patrick-ism [Jul. 23rd, 2009|09:46 pm]
Stevie Z
Cleaning my desk and I cam across a magazine subscription card with one of my little notes. I must have written it while in Amsterdam, because it's in pencil and I HATE writing in pencil. I hate the feel of the texture of pencil against paper unless the pencil is razor-sharp. So this is written in semi-dull pencil, so I had to have grabbed the nearest implement from his counter and scrawled it out.

Behold, the wisdom:

"There's no mystery. There is no god. When it's over, the lights go out; then they put you in a box and seal it up. Game over."

C'mon- those of you who know him can just see him saying this.

Back to cleaning/packing. I will be posting something definite tomorrow, but right now it looks like on Sunday I might have some stuff ready to bring to the new place sometime mid-afternoon. Mostly boxes.
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Further documenting the process [Jul. 22nd, 2009|04:48 pm]
Stevie Z
RE: Clarification/revision of the I-864 definition of “income” Read more...Collapse )
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Ups and downs [Jul. 22nd, 2009|12:13 am]
Stevie Z
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Ok, we have 2 very interesting developments in my research about the definition of "income".

The first was horribly disheartening. I found a USCIS document that defined income as the amount on line 22 of the 1040, totally fucking my argument.

But then.... I kept looking and found something from the US Census Bureau, which is the agency that sets the Federal Poverty Guidelines and this is what they had to say:

Money Income: This includes all money income received by individuals who are 15 years or older. It consists of income before deductions for taxes and other expenses and does not include lump-sum payments or capital gains. It also does not include the value of noncash benefits such as food stamps. This income concept is the basis for the official U.S. poverty measure.

USCIS bases its policy upon the Federal Poverty Guideline, so it is reasonable to follow that the correct interpretation would be the one by the agency that makes the policy, not the one that interprets it.

Or so I must hope. I know- I'm expecting logic here.

Fuck me, no wonder I'm a basket case.
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The bad, and the ugly [Jul. 21st, 2009|04:54 pm]
Stevie Z
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Ok, folks, I'm taking a swing for the fence. I'm sending an email to the National Visa Center, who are the folks that handle the initial I-864 processing. Here's the letter: Read more...Collapse )
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