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My book [Jun. 27th, 2012|11:15 am]
Stevie Z
Hello people.  After 10+ years of working on it, my book "American Loser" is now for sale.

AL has its genesis here on LJ.  I would sit around late at night, drunk or high or both, and let my brain roam and write some pretty crazy stuff, real "stream of consciousness."  At some point, I realized there was a common thread that could tie some of them together.  Coupled with my friends telling me that I should write a book some day, I decided why the hell not.  And thus began the process.

Over the course of several years, I slowly worked on the book.  Life was keeping me busy.  Then last year my personal life went to shit and long story short, I ended up at the House of Yes.   It's an artist collective in Brooklyn.  There's surrounded by circus performers, directors, photographers, musicians, and other mad artistic types, I sweated out the summer in my non-air conditioned room on the 3rd floor of the warehouse, endured all-night raves a few nights a week downstairs, and cracked down on AL.

Now it is done.

It's available in ebook format only at this time.  When funds become available, I will put it out in print.