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The LULz continue [Dec. 1st, 2010|11:18 am]
Stevie Z
Oh Godot, the breadth of your fucking idiocy is truly boggling. After convincing the Boss that you know more than me about snow machines and can hook us up with far better machines that are cheaper than the ones I specced, the machines arrived and guess what- they're not even DMX-controlled. Bwahahahahaha. Whoops. Guess we overlooked that little detail, eh?

And gosh, opening up the machine in the hope of finding a DMX input there..... brilliant. You just fucking voided the warranty and probably our ability to return the machines, fucktard.

Niet goed, as the Dutch would say. Or очень очень плохой in Russian. Or muy malo in Spanish.

I breathlessly await your fix for this.