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Happy happy joy joy [Nov. 28th, 2010|12:11 am]
Stevie Z
[Blasting from the speakers: |Florence + The Machine - Dog Days Are Over]

Sitting here at home at ChezKez NJ after a very nice Thanksgiving back home in NH.

It took some doing to pull off Thanksgiving. I had work Friday- it was a half day for everyone. I managed to get the half day off. First hurdle overcome. Then Lina had work Wednesday night in the East Village. She and Misha do a residency at a cafe there and there was no way to get out of it. So Wednesday I came home from work and tried to grab some sleep, and then packed up the car with Alisa and we headed into Manhattan. We got to the cafe, caught the tail end of Lina's set, and then grabbed a bite to eat and hit the road for NH at 12:30am.

We could have left Thursday morning. I also could have inflicted several hundred paper cuts on my arms and then plunge them into a 55 gallon drum of salt-laced lemon juice, the equivalent of driving out of NY/NJ on Thanksgiving Day. Not so much. We drove through the night, not hitting any traffic at all and arriving at my mother's at 5:15am.

It was nice to hunker down for a few days. Even the craziness of scrambling to finish putting together the Thanksgiving meal because the turkey was done 2 hours ahead of schedule (maybe my mother's oven temp is off- dunno) didn't take away from the holiday. My sister and her family arrived and we had a nice meal, followed by a much-needed nap. Friday Lina, Alisa, and I headed out to do some shopping- not at 5am. We still scored some sweet deals though, and then back home in time for a visit from Bill. Good to get caught up with him.

After, while Lina and Alisa had some mother/daughter bonding time watching videos, my mom and I hung out and talked. Got a good night's sleep, rolling out of bed around 11:30 this morning. Did a bit more work around my mom's house, got her set up on Skype, and put together her new TV stand before me and the fam got in the car and headed out.

Quiet ride back home. Hit a couple of heavy snow flurries near Keene NH, but that was about it. Not much traffic to speak of, not even at the Tappan Zee. Coming back tomorrow wasn't an option because Lina has to leave for a gig at 9:30, but even if that weren't the case, we still would have come back tomorrow for the same reason we fled left on Wednesday. The horror of driving Sunday would have been too much.

So now Lina's asleep. She drove half the trip and needs her rest, and I'm winding down.

Damn civilized to have a 4 day weekend and tomorrow, a few things to do- laundry, help Alisa with homework, and unpack- but all in all, a nice relaxing day before it's back to the grind at the club.

And this whole marriage/family thing is really feeling comfortable now. Alisa and I understand each other a bit more now and she's understanding her stepdad is a bit of a crazy dork.

Well, time to wrap this up, grab a shower, and hit the hay.

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