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lazy bitch [Jul. 22nd, 2010|05:29 pm]
Stevie Z
Wow. I had to be over at 4 Walls Lighting this morning to meet with their head tech guru to get trained in how to properly care for the leased VariLite rig at the club. Fascinating stuff- learned how to tear apart the light and clean the lenses and the color wheels. Interesting in also seeing how moving lights are dimmed- it's done with a wheel that has varying degrees of opacity from clear to totally blocked. These things take a helluva lot of abuse, being right next to a 700 watt discharge lamp.

The training took about 3 hours, and then I picked up some needed goodies and our hazers, which were repaired, and made my way back to the city. Got to the club, dropped all the gear off, and then had to bring the car back to NJ. Well, the trip back to NJ was not so smooth. It took about 75 minutes. I got back about 3:15. By the time I caught the bus back to NY and got to the club, it would have been 4:30. And I really didn't have much to do. So I called the club and was given the ok to take the rest of the day off.

Score! Took a nice nap and now I can get caught up on a bunch of stuff and even have a meal with my family.

Life is good.